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We strive to perfect the image you want to convey

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We strive to perfect the image you want to convey

Frequently Asked Questions...

Am I obligated to pay the monthly fee for the full twelve months?

No, there are NO CONTRACTS. Websites are hosted by us for 12 months at the negotiated monthly price, which constitutes payment for website construction. Pay 50% upfront and 50% on completion and receive a 20% discount. After completing all payments you have the following two options:

  • You may negotiate a monthly maintenance contract, for a very modest fee, which covers content updates, simple upgrades, and changes. Major updates and upgrades will also be negotiated, at a reduced rate, because of the maintenance contract. Your hosting remains with us.
  • For a nominal fee, you may have your website and web address transferred to your hosting company, and you can take over maintenance.

Note: If you decide to opt-out of monthly payments early, or do not make your second payment when pre-paying, we retain ownership of your site and the relationship is ended.

If I use the "Contact Us Page" am I going to be hounded with emails from sales people?

No, you will receive three emails: your quote, and two follow ups. Of course, if you choose to negotiate or have questions, we will respond accordingly. We do not sell email addresses. Check out our privacy page to learn how we protect your information.

How does pre-payment pricing work?

Your negotiated monthly emailed quote will list a 20% discounted pre-paid price, which is paid in two installments. Fifty-percent to begin work, and 50% when work is completed and the site becomes live.

What does "Mobile Friendly" mean?

All of our sites are custom designed to look great and be fully functional across multiple devices (cell phones, tablets, personal computers, laptops.)

What are "Add-on Functions?"

Add-ons are features that give special functionality to your website pages.

What is a "Contact/Email page?"

The "Contact/Email" functionality is included with every plan. This page when filled out and submitted by a user will automatically send an email to you with the form information. This basic page does not include collecting user data in a database. That feature can be added during monthly payment negotiations.

What is the "Website Refresh Plan?"

A website refresh entails updating your existing site. We will copy your present site and install it on our server and allow you to see the changes we make. Once you approve, we copy it back to your server to make it "live." If you then want to make a service agreement with us, we may choose to host your site on our server.

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